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Arussy, Lior
LIOR ARUSSY Business Author, founder of Strativity Group, customer experience innovator and keynote speaker.

Azzarello, Patty
PATTY AZZARELLO CEO, Business Advisor, Author, Speaker. Useful, practical, non-annoying Expert in leading organizations that can execute

Bell, Chip
CHIP BELL Best-selling author: Take Their Breath Away; Wired and Dangerous; Customers as Partners; Magnetic Service, Customer Service Expert and highly sought after Keynote Speaker.

Bianchini, Gina
GINA BIANCHINI The Founder of Mightybell, the Co-founder and former CEO of Ning & Technology Entrepreneur.

Blass, Alexander
ALEXANDER BLASS Grand Prize Winner, Top Innovator of the Year Award, Entrepreneur, Innovator, President and CEO, Alexander Blass International

Bremmer, Ian
IAN BREMMER President, Eurasia Group, and Expert on Global Politics and Risk Management

Bryce, Robert
ROBERT BRYCE Author of Power Hungry: The Myths of "Green Energy" and the Real Fuels of the Future.

Buchholz, Todd
TODD BUCHHOLZ Economist, Author and Renowned Keynote Speaker.

Casnocha, Ben
BEN CASNOCHA Best Selling Author and Tech Entrepreneur

Charan, Ram
RAM CHARAN A highly sought after business advisor and speaker famous among senior executives for his uncanny ability to solve their toughest business problems.

Christensen, Clayton
CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN Foremost Authority on Innovation and Author of “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and Current Best-seller “How Will You Measure Your Life?”

Colvin, Geoff
GEOFF COLVIN Senior Editor-at-Large, FORTUNE Magazine and Author, Talent is Overrated

Covey , Stephen MR
Stephen MR COVEY Organizational trust expert, experienced executive, and #1 bestselling author

DeGraff, Jeff
JEFF DEGRAFF, PhD "The Dean of Innovation," Business Professor and Author

Dent, Harry
HARRY DENT Bestselling Author, Renowned Economic Forecaster and keynote speaker

Dychtwald, Ken
KEN DYCHTWALD Founder of AgeWave, futurist, best-selling author, psychologist, gerontologist, entrepreneur and public speaker

Dychtwald, Maddy Kent
MADDY KENT DYCHTWALD A nationally recognized author, public speaker, marketing executive and entrepreneur

Estis, Ryan
RYAN ESTIS Strategy and Innovation Thought Leader, Agent of Change and Business Performance Expert

Esty, Daniel
DANIEL ESTY Environmental Law and Policy Expert

Feldstein, Martin
MARTIN FELDSTEIN Economic Advisor to Presidents & Harvard Professor

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