Clean Corporate Comedy

Timís clean, character-charged comedy quickly found him opening for superstars such as Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Wright early in his comedy career and to this day. You might catch Tim on a Saturday night at one of his favorite clubs, Chicagoís famed downtown Zanies, but it was his razor sharp improv skills from his Second City training and his ability to quickly and easily customize inventive content that made Tim one of the most requested corporate acts in the country.

While Tim enjoys wielding his wit for clients such as Motorola, Ketel One Vodka, and John Deere, he is also proud of his professional writing and directing accomplishments. Tim co-founded his production company Chicago Sitcom to develop works for stage, film and TV. He has already written and directed two sitcom pilots, produced one, and is now working with Jeff Daniels and is now producing a tour for his latest play, Leaving Iowa, and writing his next one.

"I like creating memorable, clean humor,Ē says Tim. ďI donít care if itís for the stage, two dozen IT directors or 1,200 accountants. I will find a way to climb inside their heads and do what I do best: help people forget about their problems and focus on mine."

Tim Clue

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